How to Vacuum an Above Ground Pool


Homes are among the places one people spend most of their time. People expect to relax and rest while at home. Homes are also places for family members to interact and reside. People also allow people to keep and organize their property securely. Consequently, homes play important roles in life. They should thus be well maintained and equipped. Among the things that make homes better places for living in are swimming pools. They help people spend their leisure time as well as help in enhancing recreation. They save owners the need of having to visit hotels or other commercial centers that have swimming pools to swim. Home swimming pools can be accessed free by family members and friends at the time of their convenience.

Home pools require good maintenance. Vacuum cleaners are used to both for underground and above the ground pools. When dealing with an above the ground pool, several factors need to be considered for one to arrive at the best vacuum cleaner for you home pool.

To begin with, consider the size of your pool. A large pool will require power for pool cleaners so that they can take considerable time to clean the pool. If a relatively less powerful pool cleaner is used, they will take too long to clean the pool, which may delay taking up the time available for swimming. It may also require one to dedicate time, which may be used for other things, to clean the pool to completion. A high-powered pool cleaner will have a high filter rate and thus, will do the work within a short time.


Another factor one should put into consideration is the control of the pool vacuum for above ground pools. It is better if an automatic pool vacuum was used instead of using a manual machine. A manual machine will only work with the aid of a human being. Its effectiveness will depend on the person. Without the person, it cannot be left to do the work of itself. Consequently, an automatic pool cleaner would be effective is remedying the named shortcomings of the manual machine.

That is not enough; a good above the ground pool vacuum should be adjustable. Different pools take different shapes and depths. The pool vacuum should thus be able to cope with different shapes and sizes of the pool. The adjustability of the vacuum may depend on the hosepipe buoyancy as well as the main flow. Some pool vacuums have deflators, which help them not to be stuck in one place during the cleaning process. Being adjustable makes the vacuum more self-controlling since the user will not have to use different above the ground pool vacuums to complete the cleaning job once.

The ability of the pool vacuum to navigate pool steps is also another factor that should be put into consideration. Pools are constructed with steps to cater for different swimming needs. The steps extend from the shallow end to the deep end. As such, a good vacuum for the pool should be able to navigate the steps on their own without the necessity of being aided by the owners. The feature will enable for a smooth cleaning of the pool with little work being done by the pool user.

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