Earthwise CVPH41018 Pole Hedge Trimmer Review

Hedge Trimmers

Earthwise CVPH41018 is one of the best long reach hedge trimmers. A very cost effective pole trimmer that helps the homeowners a sense of relaxation as it not only saves time and money but also increase the efficiency.

The product is very good in terms of weight as it includes light in weight fibreglass feature. The hedge trimmer can also be extended up to 6 feet long that will increase the amount of energy required for the maintenance of the yard.

The trimmer comes out with a double section of the fibreglass weight which is very light. This makes it a very ideal choice to have the rotation process of the product according to your convenience. The cutting activity too is done in a very significant manner.

The pole hedge trimmer t is also coming up with a proper functioning and gives out a very important message. As per the requirement, it can be converted into various operations. This makes it a perfect product for the purpose of choosing out the best.

It also have a special feature of the cord retention hook which makes it a very perfect choice to retain the hook of the cord. The trimmer head of the product can be adjusted according to 6 different positions.

This long reach trimmer comes with very affordable rates. It is the best thing for those who have a restricted budget and are looking out for easy solutions. If you want that your pockets should not be faced with larger holes then you should definitely buy this product.

The weight of the trimmer is very light. The material with which it is made up is very less and therefore you can rotate the product according to your own convenience. This will save your time as well as money.

Another important thing that you can look after is the safety in terms of the operations during the working of the product. It is very safe and secure to use the product. This also ensures that there will be no threat to the life of the users.


Another good advantage of the product is that it gives out the availability of options to either go cordless or with cord. The flexibility helps one to use the product as per their requirement and convenience. You can always opt out for the better performance.

The disadvantage of the product as reported by some of the customers is that the blades are slightly short. This makes the product sometimes work with less productivity but above all, it is the best pole hedge trimmer for the economical purpose.

The Earthwise CVPH41018 is a great choice for the purpose of cost effective measures. It helps you to get the larger benefits at a very minimal costing. The specifications, as well as the features with which it comes, are a great choice. Also, it is convenient and can be extended high towards the height. If your budget is tight then go for it.

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