May 2017


How to Use a Thickness Planer

Due to its natural rigidity, wood is an ideal material for most of the carpentry and construction projects. However, this natural rigidity also causes wood to bow or warp when it is cut into boards. As such, the boards created out of the wood don’t have exactly parallel opposite sides. To do away with this shortcoming, you need a tool called thickness planer. Thickness planers let you create uniform boards all ready for a fine finish. However, it is important to get familiar with the usage of this tool. If you are not sure how to use a thickness planer for woodworking projects, follow the below advice.

Choose the right planer

Just like any other tool, choosing an ideal planer is paramount to maximizing the finish of your woodworking project. Thickness planers can be portable or stationary. Stationary planers are bigger and provide the advantages of a greater capacity and more stability compared to portable machines.