We choose a coal grill

Stained pieces of shish kebab, juicy steaks, baked vegetables and fried fish with a slight aroma of “haze” can provoke delight even with the most sophisticated gourmet. Without these dishes it is difficult to imagine a trip to a dacha, a picnic in nature or a holiday in a country house. But to please the guests with impeccably prepared food, you will need a reliable assistant-a corner grill.

Advantages and disadvantages of grilling on charcoal

The coal grill, as the name implies, heats up and functions like an ordinary barbecue – thanks to hot coals, giving heat. But on this similarity ends, unlike the brazier, the device has a lid that drastically changes its characteristics. So for example a charcoal grill allows:

  • cook in any weather;
  • use the device as an oven, tandyr;
  • smoke products;
  • Keep heat for hours and save coal;
  • Evenly and quickly fry any dish, reducing the usual cooking time by 2-3 times.

If we are talking about grills, we must not forget that there are other types – electric and gas. Why did we choose coal? Unlike the electric “fellow”, it does not require a connection to the power network, and therefore can be used anywhere. As for the gas analogue, the coal grill is much more compact, since it does not need fuel cylinders.

The gas grill is convenient in preparation: only a few minutes and the device is completely ready to fry any dishes, the coal also requires firing and heating for 20-25. But this does not frighten away lovers of traditional grilling on charcoal, because its main advantage is the unique taste of food cooked on “live” fire.

Cleaning the charcoal grill is somewhat more complicated than other types, but you will not feel this lack if you choose a quality device – for example, a ceramic one, in which food remains not burnt. The use of Kamado special coal eliminates ash problems altogether, as it burns almost completely without contaminating the appliance.

It is interesting

Preparation of food on coal, as is known, is one of the oldest ways of obtaining tasty and nutritious food. The closest “relative” of the modern coal grill is not the familiar brazier for Russians, but the Japanese clay oven Kamado, which has existed for several millennia.

How to choose a charcoal grill?

There is no universal recipe for an ideal coal grill – it is important to choose what is right for you. But what is worth paying attention to and with what parameters you need to decide in order to buy a grill for frying on coals?


Do you want to open your own restaurant and offer guests dishes on the coals? Or, perhaps, you regularly gather a large company of friends at your dacha or at home? Large charcoal grills make it easy to cook large amounts of food, which will be enough to treat 15-30 people. For a family of 2-4 people, you can confine yourself to a medium-sized device, especially if you do not have enough free space to install a large one. The smallest models of grills are designed for cooking 1-2 servings of delicious food and can be located on a small plot near the townhouse, veranda or even on the balcony.


The shape of the device can be very different: egg-like, like the legendary Big Green Egg, round like a classic American coal grill-barbecue Weber or ordinary rectangular. More popular are the first two options, because they are much more economical and more compact. Such coal grills can be used as a smokehouse, they retain heat much longer. Cooking in them can be over direct and indirect heat and not only excellent steaks, but a bird, vegetable stew, pizza and all sorts of pastries.

Thermal conditions

To prepare different dishes you need a different temperature – to fry sausages or vegetables enough and 180 ° C, and to get a juicy and ruddy shish kebab you need a much higher “degree”. Choose a grill with the ability to adjust the grate height above the coals – so you can vary the temperature without pouring coal with water and without waiting for it to cool down itself. Also pay attention to the adjustment of smoke – do not always want to feel a strong “smoked” taste. The boiler itself should keep heat for a long time – it will be useful for baking bread, cooking plov or a rich borsch with a “smoke”. Heat-reflecting lid is another significant plus.

Ease of ignition

It is important that your unit has easy access to the coal tank and a regulated air supply for convenient ignition, so choose a grill with the possibility of controlling ventilation. For additional convenience it is necessary to use special briquettes for ignition.

Boiler and lattice material

Traditionally, there are three types of grills on charcoal: steel, cast iron and ceramic, – among fans of the latter – not only barbeque lovers in the open air, but also famous chefs, for example, Alexei Zimin, the editor of the magazine “Food”. Ceramic apparatuses hold heat no worse than cast iron, while lighter and easier to clean than steel ones. Lattices in grills are also made of steel (the best – stainless) and cast iron. Their choice depends on the needs of the griller.

Consumption and type of fuel

The amount of fuel required is determined, first of all, by the type of grill, its shape and size. If the last parameter is clear from the beginning, the first two must be explained. Thus, experienced grillers say that designs of a rounded shape made of ceramics are more economical than rectangular metal ones, and one “bookmark” of coal is enough for 4-8 hours.

Not the least role is played by the choice of the brand of coal itself: some burns quickly, some-a lot longer and gives more heat. Experts recommend Kamado and Rainbow coal, which gives a long, uniform burning, which allows you to quickly prepare food.

Cooking Modes

Gone are the days when on the grill you could only fry burgers or sausages, now it is a multifunctional tool with which you can cook everything from Thai noodles to waffles. Therefore, when choosing a grill, pay attention to multi-mode units that, if necessary, perform the function of a grill, a barbecue, a tandoor and even a wok. The more modes of the device – the wider its ability to prepare different dishes.

Easy care

Like any other cooking tool, the grill should be clean, because the products on the dirty grill will burn, and the ash deposits will not add flavor to the dish. Therefore, choose models that are easy to clean and clean (ceramic grill here is out of the competition, only the grate and dishes need cleaning). Some manufacturers offer special cleaning products – eco-friendly and non-damaging surfaces.

Convenience of transportation and transportation

You live in an apartment, but you want to enjoy perfectly cooked grilled meat and garnish during picnics? Or do you have a grill installation in the country, but do not want to leave it there for the winter? Then it is worth choosing those grills that will not be particularly difficult to move (for example, a cast iron device may be too heavy). Also worth paying attention to the strength of the structure and whether it is possible to disassemble the grill and reassemble.


Is it worth to rely on the popularity of the brand when choosing? In this case, the answer is yes, it’s worth it. After all, the reputation of firms producing such equipment is not gained by advertising, but by many years of work with customers and their experience in using grills, users’ assessment of quality, strength and durability of products. Therefore, we advise you to pay attention to grill installations from leading manufacturers.


Work as a trucker in America

The economy of the United States largely depends on cargo transportation by road, this is how 70% of all cargo is transported. They are involved in the delivery of about fifteen million heavy vehicles and they are managed by more than 4 million drivers.
To date, 500,000 companies are engaged in road transport in the United States. More than 80% are small companies that employ up to five heavy vehicles and the income from this activity is approximately $ 255 billion per year.

How to get a trucker?

To ride a car you need a CDL license. Those wishing to engage in road haulage for long distances must be at least 21 years old. To study and get a driver’s license you need from 14 days to 9 months. It costs from $ 1500 and more.

How to open a business in the US

The driver must know the regulations for the transport of specific goods. There are several categories of goods:

  • Auto Haulers – makes transportation of vehicles (agricultural machinery, cars, motorcycles).
  • Dry Van Drivers – specializes in the delivery of non-perishable products in closed containers.
  • Flat Bed Drivers – is engaged in transportation of huge products in semi-closed wagons (iron pipes and structures, wood).
  • Less than Truck Load – carry the cargo for small distances, the weight is small, so the chauffeurs themselves unload it.
  • Reefer – refrigerated and frozen products are transported.
  • Tanker drivers – transport liquid materials, such as fuel, in tank trucks.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (the Labor Statistics Division), the wages of the drivers of the trucks are 30-90 thousand dollars per year. The amount depends primarily on skill, professionalism and distance of transportation. Of course, the driver who carries poisonous and dangerous chemicals will get more than the one who transports frozen food.

In serious corporations, such as Microsoft or IKEA , the earnings of skilled workers can be 1-3 dollars per mile. And beginning truckers receive 0,4-0,5 $ per mile, and this is normal
If the driver has his own trailer with a trailer, then he has the opportunity to earn monthly from three to ten thousand.

Another salary depends on the age of the driver and his length of service. Often, employers do not want to contact people under the age of 25, although by law, persons who have reached the age of 18 can manage transportation.

In accordance with the labor legislation, it is possible to operate a larger truck within 11 hours, then a 10-hour rest is provided. According to this, the employers draw up a schedule for the exit of drivers to the line.

Dangerous danger

The trucker’s profession is among the top ten riskiest jobs in America, taking the ninth place. Statistics show that for one hundred thousand drivers of waggons there are 27 fatal accidents per year. Deaths occur in most cases because of non-observance of traffic rules and safety precautions.

Often drivers fall asleep behind the wheel of fatigue due to the processed hours of driving. Do not comply with the rules for the transport of dangerous flammable substances. These gross violations lead to death
In the country, many pedestrians die under the wheels of trucks. The most unfavorable states in this respect are Georgia, California, Pennsylvania, Texas.