The Highest Paying Trucking Jobs in the Trucking Industry

With the newest advancement in technology consisting of the yet to be officially unveiled self-driving trucks, several professions and truck related careers may be on the line. An annual truck driver’s salary can gross to an estimated $50,000. However, there are other neglected truck related jobs that pay the same as truck driving if not more. Here are some of the industry’s jobs in some of the best trucking companies for work.

Tanker Hauler

Tanker Hauler

This is probably one of the most important jobs in the trucking business. All countries require fuel for effective running of the economy. Tank haulers are tasked with handling fuel and transporting them from petroleum companies to fuel stations. Not everyone can dive right in the career since it involves highly volatile and flammable substances which would require more than an average CDL.

Endorsements and company specific training requirements are some of the necessary criteria required as a tanker hauler and driver. At best, the average annual salary of a hauler is estimated to be close to $70,000 with private companies believed to pay more. Companies like Boyle Transportation and US Xpress are a few of the companies leading in this sector.

Hazmat Diver

Closely related to tank hauling is the dirtiest and most dangerous type of commercial diving. It is also one of the most demanding as it requires a lot of experience and special milestones that need to be achieved. Among them include vaccination and decontamination equipment for every dive. Moreover, a diver’s weight and body size can also be a requirement in addition to the ordinary licenses.

A hazmat diver’s work is to control and contain hazardous pollution spills and patch up tanks. The diver can earn an annual salary of up to $58,000 in commercial diving. Some of the best companies to work with include the Hazmat Environmental Group Inc.

Oversized Load Hauler

Oversized Load Hauler

Mostly common in shipping companies, oversized load Haulers are tasked with wide loads and driving trucks carrying oversized loads. Wider loads mean extra income since they require an added experience level which comes as a special license. The pay is usually per mileage covered with some of the load exceeding 25,000 pounds. An experienced hauler may be required to both load the freight and drive it to the required destination.

Load haulers earn up to $50,000 based off their commitment towards the work. Some the dedicated companies in this sector include the heavy haulers company.

Ice road trucker

Coming in at 4th is probably the most lucrative trucking job in the business. With the winter season, the roads become slippery making it even harder for driving freights. This job requires a certain experience with familiarity on the types of snow tires to use depending on the weight of the cargo. It is an extremely dangerous job with lives on thin ice – literally.

Ice road truckers are known to be risk takers earning close to over $100,000 per month during the icy season.


As you may have already learnt, every truck driving sector requires a certain level of experience in the field. For newbie drivers, earning this doesn’t come easy as they need to pass a level of tests and learn a thing or two from professionals. A truck driving instructor isn’t the kind that you will meet while getting your class A CDL as they have a certain level of specialization in the industry.

They can be dynamic and even teach on hazmat diving. After all, it all must have started from somewhere. An experienced instructor makes over $50,000 a year.


Just like in the business world, self-made trucking companies have also been established. With the right amount of capital and determination, you can also set up your own fleet of trucks and expand your profit margins. This can be through leasing of trucks, hiring or even driving it yourself. The only downside of this business are the constant expenses incurred.

These may include truck repairs, wages payable to employees as well as insuring the company and the vehicles involved. Basically, your average transport line expenses. A truck owner’s salary is difficult to determine since it all depends with the effort put in.


Companies like Werner Enterprises are known to offer some of the highest salaries to the most competent drivers, but if you still got some questions you can read this post https://truckzeal.com/best-trucking-companies-work, here more about truck drivers and companies which pay good money for job. Whether you want to be your own boss or take control of the wheel with the wind on your face and balance a big rig, the pay is quite good.


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Due to its natural rigidity, wood is an ideal material for most of the carpentry and construction projects. However, this natural rigidity also causes wood to bow or warp when it is cut into boards. As such, the boards created out of the wood don’t have exactly parallel opposite sides. To do away with this shortcoming, you need a tool called thickness planer. Thickness planers let you create uniform boards all ready for a fine finish. However, it is important to get familiar with the usage of this tool. If you are not sure how to use a thickness planer for woodworking projects, follow the below advice.

Choose the right planer

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Like the rest of the bee population, these small furry creatures are under threat. They are vital to crop production, but not enough is being done to protect them – two species of bumblebee have become extinct in recent years and others are in rapid decline.


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A Little Bit Country

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Keep it simple

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Pull out tatty summer annuals and add to the compost heap. Prepare empty beds for spring annuals and bulbs by loosening the soil to a depth of 30cm, turning in compost, superphosphate, (a good fistful to each square metre) and a sprinkle of hoof and horn (slow- release nitrogen) and bonemeal (phosphate).

Start cutting the lawn shorter as temperatures drop and the days shorten at the end of the month. Feed with 2:3:4 or 3:1:5 fertiliser. If your lawn was infested with winter grass (Poa annua) last year, spray with Kerb, a pre-emergence seed inhibitor.